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5KG Patrol Missile UAV


The 5kg patrol missile UAV is mainly used for military reconnaissance and spotting and fighting.

Parameters of Main Picture 1

Take-off weight: 5kg

Speed: 80-150km/h

Lift: 2000m

Power: ordinary battery (energy density ≥250wh/kg)

Guidance: Mid-range guidance: satellite.

                 End guidance: image

Range: 55min

Radius: 100km

Reconnaissance guidance: frame optical guidance

Effective kill radius: 15m; Armor breaking power: Vertical 70mm homogeneous steel armor

Launch: Gas propulsion

Mainly used for military combat

Parameters of Main Picture 2

Material: EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, engineering plastics, etc.

Wingspan: 2430mm

Fuselage height: 180mm

Fuselage length: 1450mm

Wing area: 72.5dm2

Recommended flight speed: 17-20m/s

Maximum payload: >1.5kg

Maximum take-off weight: <11.5kg

Practical ceiling: 4000m

Wind Resistance: Class 5

Take-off and landing mode: hand-thrown parachute landing/gliding landing

Disassembly and assembly mode: tool-less disassembly and assembly

Transportation box size, 1.25×0.34×0.49m

Load compartment size: 280×160×110mm

Stall speed: 10m/s (test conditions: 500m above sea level, 10.5kg take-off weight)

Maximum range: >250km (test conditions: Li-Po6S44000mah, 0.6kg load)

Mainly used for military reconnaissance belongs to low-cost high-resolution products.


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