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20KG Patrol Missile UAV


The 20kg patrol missile UAV is mainly used for military reconnaissance and spotting and fighting.


Take-off weight: 20kg

Speed: 100-160km/h

Lift: 5000 meters

Power: ordinary battery (energy density ≥250wh/kg)

Guidance: Mid-range guidance: Satellite; End guidance: Imaging

Endurance: 90min

Radius: 100km

Reconnaissance guidance: frame optical guidance

Combat: 5kg, capable of penetrating steel plate (100mm/68°) not clad with reactive armor with a penetration rate of not less than 80%, and can penetrate not less than 600mm of C40 reinforced concrete, with an effective kill radius of not less than 20m.

Accuracy: For 4.6m long x 2.3m wide x 2.3m high moving speed not exceeding 30km/h target or simulated target target, the hit rate is not less than 70% on average; for stationary targets, CEP: Launching: Gas propulsion


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